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Residential Real Estate Investor Marco Brunicardi

Marco Brunicardi, Massachusetts.

Marco Brunicardi is a veteran real estate investor of a lifetime, spanning three different countries and many decades of landlording, and also buying and selling in commercial, residential, land and more.

He is now a 360 degree investor who prefers to focus on family-friendly single family homes, but regularly buys and sells all types of real estate property, in all states, in all conditions.

He works closely with sellers to provide the best deal they can get, given the specific circumstances of the property and themselves, while delivering appealing deals for his buyers.

Contact Marco

(617) 431-6581‬ (text preferred)

Denise Rossi, Massachusetts

Denise Rossi is a real estate investor who started with a home flip in Boston, that turned out amazing, and later moved on to Deals on Terms in Massachusetts first, then in New England and now in all of the US states.

She focuses on the sellers’ and buyers needs and goals and finds the perfect matches by designing deals that work for all.

For that reason she is always looking for properties of all kinds and shapes from sellers who are looking for more and for buyers that have needs that match those goals.

Contact Denise:

(617) 999-0269

Denise Rossi

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